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Expert Car Reviews at (2014)

Running Stitch - Umeå

Running Stitch - Yokohama (2008)

Running Stitch - Dundee (2008)

Worm Hole (2008)

Finance (2007)

Kite Drawings (2007)

Banff Souvenir Scarf (2007)

Scaling the Mountain (2007)

French Conseil (2007)

Running Stitch (Brighton) (2006)

Shroedingers Tracks (2006)

Landlines (2003-2006)

Ebb & Flow: Cardiff (2005)

Time & Tide: Cardigan(2005)

Satellite Bureau: Cardigan (2005)

Satellite Bureau: Regina (2005)

Distance Made Good:
Flow Lines

Distance Made Good:
Field Study

Distance Made Good (2002)








running stitch

Hamilton, Southern & St Amand is a collaborative arts practice based in Canada and the UK.

Jen Hamilton, Jen Southern and Chris St Amand have a social and tactile approach to technology and work with audiences to explore location and sense of place. Through commissions, exhibitions and residencies they produce installations, performances and websites to explore how new technologies influence the way we inhabit an environment. They have also collaborated with industry on the development of new tools for collaborative mapping.

Supported by Arts Council England, Yorkshire, the Digital Research Unit, Huddersfield and Pylon.

Image: © Philip Carr


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